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Every type of music has its Golden Age. The time period where that particular type of popular music leaks into seemingly everything we hear, watch, touch, wear, eat and vote for (or against). Hip hop is living in its golden age now and has been since the late 90’s. Jazz lived it’s golden age through the 1930’s and 40’s. American folk music dominated our culture in the 50’s and early 60’s… you get the point. But it was Rock Music that came along at a time in the late 60’s that coincided with the advent of advances in radio, specifically the emergence of the FM dial, that really blew the doors off anything that came prior to it and still eclipses today’s music sales. People’s desire to hear this music spawned multi-national record companies and expensive “hi-fi” stores where people could spend their hard-earned cash on mammoth speakers and amplifiers. Rock music broke the mold and drove our world’s popular culture to a place of musicality and recording excellence that artists are still chasing today. 


To make this list we came up with a grading system where we put a lot of emphasis on the songs or the hits a band had because for us it’s always about the songs. We figured if one guy or girl’s face was on the cover of the album they were off the list - no solo acts.  That leaves some legends off this list like, Jimi, Bruce, Bowie, Janis and Prince, but “The Greatest Artists of All Time” is a different list (stay tuned). Other bands like the Bee Gees and the Jackson 5 did not make our list... while they were great bands... we really didn’t consider them rock bands.


Oh we know you might argue why we put this band so high and that band so low or this band not even on the list, so light up the comments, go ahead, but if you don’t like it, make your own list. This is MilkBoy’s list and we know music. 


So in the spirit of feeling retro and looking back to that age when Rock music ruled our conversations, our choice of friends and our lives, we bring you our list of the Top 100 Rock Bands Of All Time.

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